Nine months ago, my dad bought my mom tickets to see Andre Rieu for her birthday. Then he found out he was going to Kenya, so it was up to me to surprise her with tickets this morning. She "eeeped", we put on our dresses, and drove to Ontario for the show. Can I tell you what percentage of the audience was over 50? Can you guess?

Seriously though, it was so cute to be surrounded by all these ladies for whom this guy was a rock star. We sat with this cute old lady from Austria who kept standing up, dancing, and "wooo!"-ing all night. The show was great--kitschy beyond anything I've ever seen in my life, but there's no denying it was entertaining. I think at one point in the show there were women dressed in traditional Dutch clothing, dancing , tapping their wooden clogs. And they might have played My Heart Will Go On. But then also, Italian opera, Beethoven concertos, and Viennese waltzes. The waltzes! During The Blue Danube, all these elderly couples started waltzing. It was so stinkin' cute.

And my mom was so hyped, it was adorable. In the middle of the show, he played the Happy Birthday song and she blushed so hard when he announced that he would be giving signed albums to anyone who had a birthday on this day. "Eeep! I never win anything! Can you believe it?"

Happy Birthday, Mom :)

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