Expanding on the nanny life,

I had an afternoon with darling, 7 year old Hugo today. After about an hour of playing fully-clothed in the sprinklers, we dry off and settle down in the kitchen with some popsicles. Our conversation, for the next hour mind you, goes concerning his career.

Hugo: "Tasha, what do you think about me becoming a spy?"

Me: "I think it's brilliant. But you know, you're going to need some high-tech gadgets and black clothes."

Hugo: "You're probably right. I don't think I want to steal things from other people. I mostly just want to get the skills so I can guard my house."

We spend the next 58 minutes discussing the pros and cons, qualifications, and salary of the following: international spy, secret agent, Jedi, and veterinarian. 


Hugo: "You know, I think I'll buy a house in the woods by myself and hunt for crystals in the wilderness."

As for myself, I think I'll stay away from career counseling. I love Wednesdays. 

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Hannah Christine said...

i told this story to everyone i know.
my mom laughed until she cried.