d'ja see what i did there?

Part II: Say "yes" when the guys ask you to tag along.

Always, always say yes. Even if 8 miles of snowshoeing up a mountain sounds daunting. Even if four days of lodging in a cabin without water or electricity sounds rough. Even if you can think of 5 more comfortable things to do with your spring break. Say yes, and you'll find yourself in circumstances that prove some things about your character. Like, "Shoot, 8 miles? No frets. I'll actually jog." Okay, not really. But we did it!

This is what it looked like once we disappeared into the wilderness:
Good-for-the-heart company. Days spent doing nothing but reading aloud and playing Scrabble. Hikes to incredible vistas with snow-covered mountain ranges spanning over miles. (Oh, and the Mountain Rainier has never looked so resplendent!) Chopping wood for fire, melting snow for water. Too much hot chocolate . A whole day of snowfall, followed by a whole night of blizzard. Fresh champagne powder for the hike down the mountain.

Next year, it continues. Spring-2011-no-regrets.

All photos: Mr. Zeek Earl.


give it air, give it sun

Part I: Road trip like it's 1976.

No maps, just a determined craving for the road and fresh, sea air. Hannah and I drove along the Oregon Coast to feel Canon Beach under our feet and romp around those glorious sea stacks. We lay in the tall sea grasses and watch the sun spread the sky with colour. We had to peel ourselves away from the scene, but we made our way to the road again. Onward to Portland! And on the way, peering skyward through the sunroof, I thought that every single star felt an arm's length away. It seems for me that road trips are somewhat of a face-to-face encounter with God. The things that cross your path in one day! The snippets of conversation! The memories triggered!


little pieces

today i taught molly to ride her bike without training wheels
ahhh the feeling of running hard, barefoot on the pavement behind her and letting go
seeing her wobble and then MAKE IT!

milestones, milestones. this week has been full of them.
it's days like today that take me back to the little pieces of my own story
that fill me up
and make me who i am.


i'm not writing very much, am i?

it's because in two weeks i will be 99.9% finished with my entire undergraduate career, and because i've still got

a 14 page paper on the results of a lab project i've been working on for weeks
an 8 page paper on homelessness, the economy, and societal hierarchies
a 20 page paper on "what i've learned" about my internship
10 article summaries
2 psychology presentations

and only 14 days in which to accomplish all these.

here i go. deep breath.