i'm not writing very much, am i?

it's because in two weeks i will be 99.9% finished with my entire undergraduate career, and because i've still got

a 14 page paper on the results of a lab project i've been working on for weeks
an 8 page paper on homelessness, the economy, and societal hierarchies
a 20 page paper on "what i've learned" about my internship
10 article summaries
2 psychology presentations

and only 14 days in which to accomplish all these.

here i go. deep breath.


sj said...

make lots of post-it sticky to-do lists. it always makes me feel more in control. or at least it keeps me from lying in bed at night mentally going over everything i have to do. i can just turn on the light and see it all there. which results in slightly more restful sleep.

every little bit helps.

tasha_juliana said...

that's exactly what i do this time of the quarter :) i like you so much.