d'ja see what i did there?

Part II: Say "yes" when the guys ask you to tag along.

Always, always say yes. Even if 8 miles of snowshoeing up a mountain sounds daunting. Even if four days of lodging in a cabin without water or electricity sounds rough. Even if you can think of 5 more comfortable things to do with your spring break. Say yes, and you'll find yourself in circumstances that prove some things about your character. Like, "Shoot, 8 miles? No frets. I'll actually jog." Okay, not really. But we did it!

This is what it looked like once we disappeared into the wilderness:
Good-for-the-heart company. Days spent doing nothing but reading aloud and playing Scrabble. Hikes to incredible vistas with snow-covered mountain ranges spanning over miles. (Oh, and the Mountain Rainier has never looked so resplendent!) Chopping wood for fire, melting snow for water. Too much hot chocolate . A whole day of snowfall, followed by a whole night of blizzard. Fresh champagne powder for the hike down the mountain.

Next year, it continues. Spring-2011-no-regrets.

All photos: Mr. Zeek Earl.

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