I was born.

On June 6, we celebrated my 20th year.

We grabbed our picnic and our books, and headed to the lighthouse on the edge of Discovery Park. Stepping out of the car, you were struck with the smell of the sea. We wound our way through the rocks and around the pointe, finally coming across a clearing just off the shore. It was the perfect view of the lighthouse and the sailboats passing by. Purple and yellow flowers dotted the sweep of tall sea grasses. No better place to celebrate being alive. 

Then the commencement of the picnic! I am convinced that there is nothing greater on this earth than being in the presence of good company, sharing good food. My dear Ashley made me a birthday cake that cracked, and she declared it ruined. I said I wouldn't have it any other way, and that it's nothing a few strawberries couldn't fix. Hence, the scary-face birthday cake. I found it endearing. And so we ate, we sang, we read aloud to each other. 

Life is best enjoyed simply.