I didn't think you'd believe me unless I showed you.

Cowboys. My stay thus far has consisted of hanging out with people I've only seen in movies. I listen in on hunting stories, boasts of rodeo championships, and who owns how many cows. The men speak with drawls and spit, and the women have teased, very blonde hair. There are at least three people named Monte, and the little kids run around in chaps, boots, and cowboy hats playing with their toy shotguns. Also, might I add the decor in these ranches is impeccable. Buffalo, deer, elk, bears, pheasants, rifles, knifes, ropes, and framed photos of Jesus fill up every square inch of the walls of every home I've visited.

And it's beautiful out here. I feel so isolated and foreign. One ranch sits on acres of land, surrounded by the Rockies and mile-high sky. There are storms at least three times a day, and you can see the lightning clear across the fields, until it gets so close you can feel the hairs on your arm stand up. Here's to hoping it doesn't storm on us tomorrow!

I never thought my portfolio would consist of these things. What an unexpected opportunity :]