It's been far too long!

Because I have been enjoying my summer with everything I've got.

Some notables:

Tia's two storybook weeks in Seattle
Turning 21
Graduating college
A southbound road trip to shame the rest
Experiencing San Francisco, Big Sur, & the stretches of the 101 I hadn't yet touched
Summer in Seattle (just beginning!)

(Photos courtesy of Tia Totoiu, Cynthia Haan, & Natalie Alfaro, because I am too uninspired to upload my own.)

Today Cynthia & I ventured to Capitol Hill for some Molly Moon's ice cream and sweet time in the sun at Cal Anderson Park. A sure sign that we were, indeed, in the edgier part of town: a plethora of shirtless, tattooed men laying out in the sun (fedoras screening their uv-sensitive faces). Oh, I love that park and the strange people scattered across the wide, grassy knolls.

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