Photobooth is a magical thing.

It all seems so far away! The people, the places, the completely different lifestyle. It's almost like it never happened. Like I've been ungracefully plopped back into reality, or, more accurately, into this limbo between the end of an incredible summer and the start of my final year of college. These handful of days are full of figuring out a few questions: Where have I been? What am I doing here? Every day is figuring out what to do with the next 16 hours...who to see, how many pages to write, edit and edit an re-edit, crumpling up pages and furiously fighting nostalgia. And...when to start packing? I can't hold onto one thought long enough to see it through, and....I'm zombie-like. Drifting from one day to the next until....I'll soon find myself in Seattle, all of a sudden hit with the reality of responsibility and rainy weather and rent-is-due and oh, oh, oh. I'm starting to fathom the distance between the two halves of myself. Mi-e tare dor.

I'm such a bummer today! Make up for it tomorrow? Deal.

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