I don't mind Los Angeles so much.

Tia and I used to do a lot more of this, when I still lived in California.

I took my first walk down Hollywood Boulevard, and matched my feet with Cary Grant's at the Chinese Theatre and watched the Michael Jacksons battle it out through dance. It was a good time. We went with a few friends to see Frightened Rabbit at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. Tia and I get front row at 95% of the concerts we go to, so we spent our night being blown away by the speakers and the Scottish accented music coming from them. We will stick together when we're old and deaf. Afterwards, we hung around and talked to the band. Mid-conversation, my friend Danny comes over and tells me that Rainn Wilson from The Office is right over there. Two seconds later, Tia grabs my hand and says, "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. John Krasinski." They had dropped by the concert after the Emmys (they lost). We got photographs with them, completely ignoring our instincts to "play it cool". But really now, what are the odds that you and two of your favorite actors attend the same obscure-indie-rock concert?

I miss going to concerts with Tia! I miss our LA adventures and the big "city living" plans we make for ourselves. I miss my best friend, and I think it is pretty darn incredible that we are just that, considering the fact that we are constantly on opposite parts of the map.

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dannyzamarripa said...

You had said that Tia was your concert good luck charm, and from my limited experiences with concerts and Tia, I have to say it's pretty accurate. Both the concerts I've gone to with Tia have been marked with great luck.

I'm sad I didn't get more time to hear more of your traveling stories.