"Siki Siki Baba", on Blogotheque and on repeat.

I can't sleep, so I've been listening to Kocani Orkestar and watching their videos for the past hour. Sometimes, at the end of the song you'll hear a dog barking and hear them yelling in their gypsy language--which is weird to find out you understand. I thought I was just tired and hearing things. 

Furthermore, I like that my favorite singer hangs out with them. (I knew he had good taste.) Playing crazy brass instruments and wailing at the top of your lungs with these guys looks wild. Maybe I can convince them they need another tambourine player. Wink.

I hope I make it to at least one gypsy fest this summer. These guys are too hip to play anywhere but France, but I'm sure there are plenty of street musicians who are just as good, lining the streets of Eastern European capital cities. 

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