Kristi and I got ready for church--pastels and bright colors, high spirits and high heels, only to put on dark, autumn overcoats and walk out in the most intense rain we've had in a month. 

Believe every stereotype you hear--it always rains here. Don't worry, though. The sun finally came out (at 7 PM), and it was the most glorious display of sky and clouds, of sailboats and the sun reflecting off the windows of the houses on the hills across the way. Makes it worth the greys.

I missed "Cristos a ├«nviat!", all day. And picking p─âtrunjel for Buna. There are little things like that you forget about when you move away, and remembering them is a sweetly spent minute of your day.

We took a trip to our favorite bakery, and split a Bird's-Nest-Coconut-Cupcake. 


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