Here are some bits and pieces of my time here so far. All photographs are from the world wide web (lame, I know). As I establish more courage, I will take my camera out on adventures, but right now I am elbowing my way through the concrete jungle.

This is why I'm here. I feel a sense of pride strolling around the campus. I also frequently trip, because the paths are covered with uneven brick in a herringbone design. Ah, well. If anyone understands the importance of aesthetics, Columbia, it's this girl right here.

This is my new Trader Joe's. It's in an old bank. If you know anything about how much I love re-claiming abandoned spaces, you'll know how exciting this first shopping experience was for me.

This is a cookie I had for lunch today. Yes, it deserves a shout out. It's from Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side. Holy crap. $4 and completely, completely worth it. And my sweet tooth isn't very pronounced. I consumed it while gawking up at the multi million dollar penthouses overlooking Central Park. The wealth of that neighborhood is almost unsettling.

This is Central Park. It is very, very big and full of diverse landscape. I took a walk through part of it today to get a feel for a more cinematic New York City, because I have done little more than running school-related errands during my time here. Hannah says that every day will get brighter and more hopeful; after that walk, I started to see what she means. This will be good.

Jess & I stumbled upon this view today while scouring for thrift shops in Brooklyn Heights the other day. Fantastic, no? The Brooklyn Bridge is a little to the right of the frame, and the Statue of Liberty a ways to the left. We were grumbling for blocks about how much we missed our respective cities on the West Coast, when we followed our feet to the waterfront and ate our words. This city is immense. Engulfing. Insane. Empowering.

Tomorrow marks day five of my new life and day one of new student orientation. Here we go!

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sj said...

your ability to see beauty doesn't change even in anxious situations. i love that!