i've been tracking my time here by the stages of the moon,

and here are some good things about the right-now:

- people; family, tia, anca.

- picking shirt-fulls of figs with my little brother. i love the luxury of grabbing two or three figs on my way up the stairs, every day. four times a day. i eye them like persephone must have eyed the pomegranate handed her by hades, but that metaphor is probably completely incorrect because this place is not hell and the figs are not good enough to keep me here forever.

- buna is so cute.

- the weather has been very kind. foggy mornings and hot-but-not-too-hot afternoons. eternal sunshine. swaying palms. bright blue sky. i'm going to vouch for a hammock at our next family dinner, such that my reading outdoors is enhanced exponentially.

- with the influx of phone calls, letters, photographs and text messages i've been receiving every day, seattle world doesn't seem so far away. this is good for my achy heart.

- this lady's music has been keeping my heart light and my creativity on the up and up. and she's from seattle, of course.

- classic movies on the lawn of the hollywood forever cemetery. ucla walks and running my hands along the richard serra sculpture. old, old california architecture. (letting la get on my good side. with tia's help.)

- the ocean. early in the morning. late at night. (though not really in between. oh, you should see the way the moonlight pours a tunnel of light onto the wide expanse of the pacific ocean!)

- netflix. seriously. expanding my range of foreign films and silent films and talkies. falling asleep to movies i've seen a hundred times is also (somehow) quite lovely.

here's to some more of the same, and letting even more in.


Steph said...

This makes me so happy to read my little flown one! There are always always good things to be had if one lets them in, and I'm so glad you are allowing those things to bless you despite the ache. Eat a fig for me!

sj said...

i miss hearing about these things every night whilst spooning.