These days,

Zeek and Rachel are married! We all made our way down to Keizer, Oregon last weekend to witness one of the most beautiful weddings I'm sure has ever happened. The Earl family (and their flock of sheep) graciously opened up their big red barn and backyard for all 175 of us; there was dancing with paper plates and eating too-delicious Greek food and gawking at the most beautifully displayed collection of Coptic crosses. Oh my. What an honor to celebrate their wedding day with them, and what a bigger honor to call them both my friends. Mmm.

These two are next (2 weeks!). I kissed them a teary-eyed goodbye about three hours ago, as they packed up their car and left Seattle. They have a wedding day to plan and family to savor before packing up and leaving for some grand escapades. Oh, this "moving on with our lives" is proving to be as hard as I'd anticipated it to be. Nonetheless, the way we've grown and created a sense of family together is something I carry with me every day.

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