Just a taste.

As Danielle and I were walking around New York City on our visit there, we experienced simultaneous waves of that panic that comes when you realize there is so much to see in so little time. "It's just a taste," we would say out loud to reassure the other.
The Met! MoMa! The Museum of Natural History! And only one day we allotted for museum wandering.
Central Park is bigger than you think it is. 843 acres, to be exact.
So many streets to turn down offering sanctuary from the nonstop clamor of the main boulevards. So many idyllic snowy arbors to walk under.
Five boroughs and over 8 million inhabitants. A beehive of activity.
So many angles from which to gawk at the Chrysler Building. So many picturesque waterfronts! It's just all too much!

The good news is that the next chapter of my life will make me a New Yorker. There are at least three museum memberships awaiting, 842 nooks of Central Park to be discovered, a handful of tranquil side roads to familiarize myself with, and over 8 million opportunities to make a friend. I'm excited to find home in a city with so much promise.

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