all i need

my best friend in the whole world and the pacific ocean on a starry night. sharing a blanket and headphones. making a memory to jonsi's "tornado" by the marina. listening to gregory + the hawk's "boats and birds" on our backs. laying silently as the waves crash rhythmically along to yann tiersen's "summer '78". cracking up loudly as tom waits comes on shuffle. watching planes twinkle along to rogue wave's "eyes". mistaking seagulls for shooting stars (easier than you think). talks about "the old days". blasting death cab for cutie's "different names for the same thing", for old time's sake. feeling both invincible, perfectly content, safe. not wanting to blink or miss any of it. not wanting to get on that plane tomorrow.

tia i can already tell you that i'll be shouting a loud "mi manchi" down the coast to you tomorrow.

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