Pooh Bear cookies.

This city is thriving, even as I am shut away from it in my busyness.

We took a different turn this morning, and found ourselves in yet another undiscovered corner of Seattle. Incredible markets, boutiques, Mom n' Pop shops, Italian coffeehouses, and a wildly eclectic crowd. I am amazed that after 2 1/2 years of living here, I still stare around me with wide eyes, jaw-dropped like a tourist.

I can't help it, I live in an incredible corner of the world.

P.S. Today is a good day for toasting pumpkin seeds. I think I will make my own muesli concoction this month. What else am I missing? Pumpkin seeds, toasted hazlenuts, chopped dried apricots, sunflower seeds, shredded wheat. I'm feeling a surge of creativity (and how can you not, after strolling through one of these Sunday markets?)


NETR said...

I want to go! Also, muesli sounds yummy.
Were you in an odd corner of Ballard, based on the photo?

tasha_juliana said...

Come home!

Old Ballard and their Sunday market. It is so good! I've overlooked Ballard so much. We'll have to go as soon as you're back.

Danny Zamarripa said...

I have a deep admiration for you setting.

I feel like this post was written with a tune in your head, or at least, as I read these words they had a rhythm to them.

Danny Zamarripa said...

PS - I love the header on your blog. That was long overdue.