Back on track. (Hah.)

I've missed my time on trains. It was a major source of comfort this past winter, and placing myself on a train in Eastern Europe provided immediate stability. I can't logically explain what these trips are for me--time to process and observe and pray and listen to music and daydream. Impulsive trips to the middle of the country and crossing your fingers for either an empty train car or a good bunch of characters. I like pretending I'm from here, and I like how good it feels when people assume you belong. I like whole days speaking a different language as if it has been mine all along--and with such nonchalance! What a feat.

Ashley and I hopped on a train to Hunedoara yesterday. All the busyness and learning we've had the past three weeks was all of a sudden hushed. Watching Ashley on the train, I could see that it was good for her soul, too :) I don't think we exchanged three sentences in those four hours. About 3 and a half hours en route, I called a friend I knew in the area, and he picked us up at the train station. We spent the hours we had together conversating and visiting a castle and listening to a Gypsy play worship music. Then we took a late train back home, and slept well.

Views along the way:
Gypsies and shepherds and little towns and just everything I've ever needed :)

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sj said...

isn't it the best that God knows what we need?