what a whirlwind.

i found myself in los angeles today
winding through traffic, yelling at other drivers
and arriving to...Mexico?
no, to 6th and Olympic, where i was told i'd find some "sweet deals" on boutique-style clothes.
lazily stitched pieces of thin fabric in horrific colors
hoards of stained jeans, ripped dresses and awkward blouses
tent for tent the same thing, stretching down three blocks
the smell of bacon-wrapped hot dogs and $3 watermelon slices
do you all really even need that many clothes? that you'd spend half your day in this place?
what happened to a piece of clothing as a work of art?
to feeling good in a pretty dress that fits you like a glove?
not "settling" for something because it's ten bucks, even though you only "sorta" like it and it makes you look frumpy.

thanks, sart.

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